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Dog Walking in Morayfield and Related Services

Pack Leader Academy offers dog walking, feeding, hydrobaths and training in Morayfield.

Dog Walking in Morayfield

I can walk your dogs while you’re at work for either 30-minutes, 1-hour, or 2-hours. You can choose how many times per week I walk your dogs. My rate is $25 per hour, I charge a flat fee of $10 per additional dog you need me to walk. During the walk, I will collect other customers’ dogs. This will give your dog the chance to make new friends and gain confidence in different situations. Your dogs’ safety and wellbeing is my primary concern. So, I only accept clients after I’ve assessed the temperament of their dogs and received proof of their vaccination.

Dog Walking
Dog Walking

Don’t be dissuaded if your dog is typically nervous around other dogs. This is a fantastic opportunity to desensitize them and help them gain confidence. Dogs are naturally social animals, most of their insecurities develop as a result of the restrictive environments we place them in. When they’re given the opportunity to be a dog around other dogs, their genetics take over and they become happy and confident with their new friends.

Exercise is vital for a dog’s mental and physical health. Here’s an article about approximate exercise times based on age and breed of your dog.

Dog Feeding (Holiday Service)

If you’re planning on going away for the holidays don’t book your dogs into a boarding kennel. I can make sure your dogs are fed, have water, and clean up their waste in their own home. I’ll make two visits to your property each day to take care of your dogs. And I can collect your mail and take your bins out. This service is separate from the dog walking service. So, you can take advantage of both services or just this one.

I am a licensed and experienced security officer, so I get regular police checks. Keeping your dogs at home keeps them happier and also dissuades criminals from targeting your house. Having someone visit your home regularly while you’re away will also deter criminals. My Fees for this service are $40 per day.


Cleanliness is next to godliness and we know all dogs go to heaven, so we should keep them looking presentable. My hydrobath service will control your dogs’ shedding and keep them smelling amazing. In some instances (depending on location), I can combine this service with my dog walking service. However, that combination might not be available to you. I’ve listed the prices below. I don’t have a blow dryer yet so I only towel dry the dogs. However, until late autumn it’s too hot for dryers anyway. The service includes brushing, nail trim, ear clean, shampoo, and conditioner.

Dog Hydrobath
Dog Hydrobath
  • Cresthaven Estate – Added to Dog Walk – $10
  • I pick up, wash and return your dog – $30
  • You bring your dog to me – $25
  • Each additional dog – $10

Training and Behaviour Consultation

I’ve trained many handlers and dogs for many reasons. I am happy to help you with any training problems you might have. My fees for this service are $60 for a 1 hour in home training session.