Dogs on a Bed behind Human


My name is Jakob Shanks and I started Pack Leader Academy with the goal of helping people improve their relationships with their dogs. Over the years I’ve been refining how I want to accomplish that goal. And though I still have lofty ambitions for this website, reality has shown that I will need to start small and local.

That brings me to the current iteration of this website. I am studying at University, so I have limited time to devote to this project. So, I’m going to write one article and produce one video per month. That information will be free for everyone. In my neighbourhood (Morayfield, QLD) I will offer dog walking, training and hydrobath services. These services will be commercial services to help fund this venture.

What experience do I have?

I have had dogs all my life. I was a member of the local dog obedience club and became an instructor there for many years. Finally, I have worked as a security dog handler for nearly 10 years and been heavily involved in the training and development of those dogs. Dog training is my passion and I’ve studied the topic extensively. And in the last three years, I’ve probably spent more time with my dogs than I have with humans.

My Ultimate Goal

Our dogs look to us for guidance, nourishment and protection in this chaotic world. I’ve spent my life learning about dog behaviour and communication and I want others to learn from me so that they become better Pack Leaders.