Weekly Dog Bushwalk



Adding to my dog group activities list, I’m adding a Saturday bushwalk. These walks will be planned along paths, not cross country. If there is interest in cross country dog walks I’ll do that as a separate activity. These walks will occur rain or shine, though I will call them off for hail or heavy storms. Though these are group activities, bushwalking does incur risks and you will need to assume those for you and your dog. You should acquire the following items and equipment before purchasing this product to manage these risks.

  • Adequate footwear, our walks are short enough that your dog will be fine without shoes but you can buy dog boots if you want. But you should be wearing footwear to protect yourself from ankle sprains and blisters.
  • First Aid – You should have a first aid kit capable of servicing you and your dog including snake-bite compression bandages. If you have allergies or are asthmatic make sure you include your medication.
  • Dog Lead and Harness – as this is a group activity you will need to make sure your dog is secured at all times.
  • Insect Repellant and Suncream
  • Hat, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing
  • Rain Jacket
  • Water! Enough for you and your dog including a bowl for the dog to drink out of.
  • Pack for carrying your equipment.
  • Food. You should bring some sort of packed lunch for yourself. I like non-spicy Beef Jerky so I can share it with my dog.

These walks will be anywhere between 2km and 10km. If you’ve purchased attendance tickets you’ll be given notice of which hikes are coming up so that you can decide if you want to attend that one. They will start at some point on a Saturday morning, not always at the same time because it will depend on travel time from home to the parking spot. I will make sure that I have walked each hike within a week of the planned group hike. That way I can make sure that there aren’t any hazards that will prevent us from having a good trip.

Each purchase entitles you to four attendance tickets.


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